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P-MAN XIV (2012)

The P-MAN XIV (2012) expedition ran from
15 March - 15 April

  •  P-MAN stands for Palau - Marine, Army Air Force, Navy. XIV means this is the fourteenth expedition since we started numbering them (in 1999).
  •  While the team is in the field, you can read Progress Reports that we'll try to post as close to daily as possible.
  •  A few months after completion of the 2012 expeditions, you'll be able to come back here to read the P-MAN XIV final report. Be patient.

Click here to read the regular progress reports as they're posted during this year's expedition.

Plans for the 2012 expedition

The 2012 BentProp team was in Palau 15 March – 15 April. For part of that time, we were joined by a team from the Stockbridge, Michigan High School Advanced Underwater Robotics Program. We'll give a special shout-out to anyone who can successfully say that rapidly 15 times in a row. The Stockbridge team brought a variety of remotely-operated sensors with which they helped us scan likely underwater targets that we've located via side-scan sonar over the past couple of years.

P-MAN XIV objectives:

Participants on the BentProp team were:

  • Pat Scannon: Team Leader (California, USA)
  • Joe Maldangesang: Master Guide, Boat Captain (Palau)
  • Flip Colmer: Delta A320 Captain: P-MAN XIV Mission Coordinator, Naval Historian, Aviation Expert, Photographer and Former Diving Instructor (Michigan, USA)
  • Major Derek Abbey: USMC active duty, Instructor, Aviation Expert (North Carolina, USA)
  • Dan O’Brien: BentStar Project, Cinematographer, Photographer, Aviation Historian (California, USA)
  • Jolie Liston: Archeologist – part time as available (Hawaii, USA)


Progress Reports from P-MAN XIV (2012)

In Palau, the current time (GMT +9) is:

And the weather there is

Click for Koror, Caroline Islands Forecast

While the 2012 expedition was under way, we posted regular progress reports (see below). Over the past several years many of you have become regular, eager, enthusiastic readers of the progress reports. Thanks for your interest and support! And thanks for being understanding on those occasions when we got behind by a day or so - there were times when there just weren't enough hours in the day, and we fell asleep before we could finish documenting the day's efforts.

This year's reports includee contributions by several of the field team members. Each report indicates who wrote what.

Part way through the mission, the Stockbridge kids decided to call their ROV "Dingar," a name suggested by the Palauans. According to the students at Palau High School, in Palauan it means alive or arisen. The ROV team had described the ROV to the Palauan students and explained some of the problems they experienced and how they fixed them. The Palauan kids said the ROV should be named "Dingar" because it had risen from the dead and was now alilve.

2012 Expedition Progress Reports


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