60 Minutes

60 Minutes segment by Anderson Cooper who spent a few days in the spring of 2014 with the BentProp team in Palau. To view the entire program, “A Forgotten Hell“, one must have CBS All Access.


Anderson Cooper

To view for FREE, 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper piece “A Forgotten Corner of Hell.”


Passion meets technology in the search for downed aircraft in the South Pacific. The BentProp Project is a group of volunteers who search for and help repatriate missing World War II Airmen. Their searches were long and arduous until they enlisted the scientific know-how of Scripps Institution of Oceanography-UCSD and The University of Delaware. What they find is truly inspiring.

“Last Flight Home” The Movie

“The ‘Last Flight Home’ documents the story of Dr. Patrick Scannon’s work searching for and finding missing World War II aircraft and the MIAs associated with them in Palau. A ferocious battleground nearly forgotten by history, yet more than 200 US aircraft went down on and around the islands. Almost half of those with crew now listed as Missing In Action. Watch the Trailer below and read more to watch the Full Movie and learn more about Last Flight Home.

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