img_0536When we first began this project in 1993, the only practical means of communication between Palau and the U.S. was by fax machine. For searches, we used basic scuba diving gear and decompression tables (no dive computers!), underwater compasses, maps and grid pattern searches for our underwater work and for land work, we used paper maps, compasses and machetes for the jungle (no GPS or satellite signal access). We used film cameras and paper notebooks to document our work.

gopr3879The BentProp Project’s use of technologies has grown, especially over the past five years. We expect that our incorporation of yet additional technologies will continue to expand and extend our missions.

img_0036We have taken another technologic leap through our collaboration with teams from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of Delaware, which utilize a variety of underwater search technologies such as autonomous underwater vehicles, scripps-auvremote operated vehicles, boat-mounted echoscopes, portable sonar devices for low visibility dive settings and unmanned aerial vehicles. These new state-of-the-art technologies permit us to survey square kilometers of ocean floor in days, as opposed to years.