Field Water Operations



We continue to conduct targeted SCUBA searches only after sonar and related technologies identify suspected non-natural targets. Due to the variable depths of targets, we utilize both air and Nitrox systems. Dive computers and high intensity dive lights especially for low visibility dives have become invaluable.


Recently, we have taken another technological leap through our collaboration with teams from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of Delaware, which utilize a variety of underwater search technologies such as autonomous underwater vehicles, remote operated vehicles, boat-mounted echoscopes, portable sonar devices for low visibility dive settings and unmanned aerial vehicles. Unlike currently available land search technologies, these new state-of-the-art technologies permit us to survey square kilometers of ocean floor in days, as opposed to years.

Over the years some generous companies have helped support BentProp. Marine Sonic Technology kindly donated a boat-towed side scanning sonar device and Chesapeake Technology, Inc. donated associated interpretive software for managing large amounts of scanned data. Both have allowed us the conduct, from a boat deck, larger ocean area searches than is possible with SCUBA grid searches.